Pendent Box (Galaxy/Gold/Blue , RBA/RBA/VL)

Pendent Box (Galaxy/Gold/Blue , RBA/RBA/VL)

Product Code: CTP04P-3
Price: USD2.26

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The outer box uses starry sky art paper, which is bright and dazzling. Lined with gold art paper to complement each other, and lined with microfiber cloth to protect precious jewelry. Suitable for storing and displaying pendents.

Shell Plastic
Outside Artist Paper(RBA)
Inside Top Artist Paper(RBA)
Inside Pad Ultra Suede(SUE)
Outside GALAXY
Inside Top Yellow
Inside pad Gold
Pad Style
Base Pad Style 2 Slits (P-3)
Tooling Size
Size L x W x H: 87 X 87 X 39 MM
Packaging Sleeve

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